The biggest part of the Business Buildhers is that we are a community. A tribe of supportive, awesome, non-judgey girl bosses who lift each other up. Always.

In addition to our live events and casual bar get togethers, we also like to hang out together online in our Facebook Community. Here is where we ask questions, share knowledge, celebrate our wins, support each other and collaborate.

It’s a great place to find other girl bosses to support if you’re in need of help in your business, or if there is something you are looking for in another area of your life. We like to support our tribe whenever we can, and we find that if you spend the time being authentic and making genuine connections then you will meet women you can’t wait to purchase from, and in turn others will think of you when they are in need of your offer.

We do permit self-promotion in the community, but always remember that people buy from people. Share your story, offer value to the group, be a member of the community – don’t just drop promotional post after promotional post. It’s icky and is more often than not going to make people not want to buy from you.

“Some of my biz besties turned besties have come from social media. Never underestimate the power of being yourself online” – Kylie, Founder of Business Buildhers.

Come hang out with us on Facebook – we’d love to meet you!